Private Practice Services


Why should I seek out psychological care?

Life changes, work stress, health and relationship problems can result in adjustment difficulties and the development of uncomfortable psychological and behavioral symptoms. Personal suffering may result in difficulty handling everyday stress and activities at work, school, and in our social life.

Dr. Faust and Faust Psychological Services has provided evaluation and intervention services since 2001. We can accommodate evaluations and intervention on short notice, and interventions can occur for individuals, couples, and families. We are a hospital-based practice with access to numerous medical specialties for referral purposes.

Treatment specializations and areas of intervention include:

  • Unipolar and Bipolar Mood Disorders (e.g., Depression, Bipolar)
  • Anxiety Disorders (Panic Disorder, Phobia, OCD, Generalized Anxiety, PTSD, etc.)
  • Grief Counseling
  • Substance Use Disorders evaluation and treatment
  • Adjustment Disorders
  • Stress and Anxiety Management 
  • Women’s Issues
  • Marital / Family / Relationship Problems
  • Parenting support
  • Couples Counseling
  • Anger Management
  • Pre-surgical psychological evaluations/clearance required for Bariatric surgery

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